Penny Avis & Joanna Berry

Below is a sample of our reviews for the Never Mind the Botox series. We are thrilled with them.

Media reviews

"Glamorous, high-octane fun, it's best read with a cocktail and a smile! Each book in this clever series intertwines with the others, but can be read in any order."

"If you're bored of the usual chick-lit formula... the smart characters in a swish corporate world provide a fresh twist. We want a job in the City now, please." ****
Heat Magazine

"Our very own Sex and the City. A series celebrating the lives and loves of four sassy professional women ... good fun and a little bit different."
Bella Magazine

"A rip-roaring read with plenty of humour and warm, believable characters - best read with a chilled glass of Pinot Grigio"
Candis Magazine

"Fabulous fun! With their own business experience the authors have created a top read." *****
Star Magazine

"A sassy read that gives a real insight into the fast-paced life of a city girl... A must-read and our book of the week." *****
Now Magazine

"A fabulous new contemporary women's fiction series and recommended holiday read."
Daily Mail

"One of the best beach reads this summer - Chick lit with a welcome twist."
The Sun

"The must-have read of the summer. A brilliantly biting novel that does for cosmetic surgery what Absolutely Fabulous did for fashion."

"It's our Best pick of the week."
Best Magazine

"A modern tale of passion, intrigue and business skulduggery, intelligently observed and hugely entertaining."
Eve Pollard

"Offering a fascinating view into the world of cosmetic surgery, celebrity secrets and life in the city, "Alex" entices you with humour, sarcasm, jealousy, avarice and much more - a perfect blend for a bestseller. We shall join the growing fan base, and wait patiently for "Rachel"."
Cheshire Mums Magazine

Never Mind the Botox: Alex was also profiled by Closer Online on their showbiz news page.

Web reviews

"A bloody good story. At the end of every chapter, I immediately wanted to read the next. This book has even the subtle nuances of banking down to a T and not only that, it makes them exciting! Seriously, I want to see the movie."
Girl Banker®

"A rollicking summer read. If you're looking for something to read on the beach this summer, then look no further. Never Mind the Botox will help you while away the time until cocktail hour in a whirl of glamour, romance and drama."

"Chick-lit for the 21st century girl. Fun, amusing and easy to read, with thought provoking angles that are culturally relevant and women who are really likeable and imperfect."

"A classic slice of chick-lit, full of up-to-date celebs and trouble-makers waiting to expose Alex's firm for dodgy plastic surgery. The humour is sharp and indulgent and the characters are terrific. Can't fault it - should be perfect for the summer holiday read."

"More John Grisham than Kathy Lette. It's nicely written, the story flows well and there's enough intrigue to keep you reading all the way through. A recommended summer holiday read."

"The idea is brilliant and I can't wait to get to know Rachel, Meredith and Stella, all of whom we meet (albeit briefly) during Alex."
This entry also includes an author interview.

"The characters are well created and there is a lot of humour injected into the book. Penny Avis and Joanna Berry make a good writing team and I look forward to getting to know the next character in the series."

"Completely accessible to all, this book will help you while away the hours and escape into a world full of botox injections, boob jobs and romance. Humorous and insightful!"
Giovanna's World

Never Mind the Botox: Alex has also been posted for review on websites Female First , Good Reads , BookRabbit and Trashionista.

Reader reviews

"A really funny and fast paced read that took me right back to my days in the City - wonderfully refreshing!"
Debbie O'Connor, Motivating Mum UK

"I simply couldn't put this book down. With its fast-paced writing, sparkling wit and likeable characters, Alex draws you in to a world where all is not as it seems... Sex, scandal, and - what I enjoyed most of all - an intelligent insight into two professions that are worlds apart. I can't wait for the next in the series! Move over Bridget Jones, and move over Louise Bagshawe!"
Sarah, Leicestershire

"I was still awake at 4am reading this book, as I couldn't put it down. It's b***dy brilliant! The only downside is that I am now dying to read the others!"
Vicky, Cheshire

"A witty, perceptive and telling portrayal of life in a city law firm. I loved it!"
Emma, London lawyer

"An intriguing and hugely entertaining account of the trials and tribulations of a successful lawyer who embarks on a journey through the fascinating world of cosmetic surgery. I loved Alex. Sexy, feisty, ambitious, stylish, but at the same time sensitive and vulnerable. A real pager turner, I literally couldn't put this book down until I found out where the plot was leading - both inside and outside the boardroom. Bring on Rachel!"
Susan, Manchester

Book club reviews

"All of our bookclub agreed this was a riveting read - and what a refreshing change to read a novel where the female protagonist does some thing other than shop! Intelligent, confident and stylish, we agreed that Alex is like no other heroine we've read, determined to get her deal on the table and her man in bed. From deal-making to match-making, "Alex" kept us engrossed every step of the way. Roll on Rachel!"
Putney Book Club

"Our book club just adored reading this book! We all raced our way through this funny and insightful book, which was followed by a very lively evening discussing women in the professions, the glass ceiling, trends in cosmetic surgery and so much more. We would thoroughly recommend it!"
Fulham Book Club


Never Mind the Botox: Stella now published

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